Here you’ll find all my published releases so far.
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Perfect Blind



Dual Barrel


Substance Black


Apart from my music projects, I’ve been doing audio engineering and mastering for several years now. So, if you’re an indie record label without a “tech guy”, or an artist with a record mixed & waiting – contact me by email if you’re interested in affordable, yet quality mastering that will work perfectly on every home or club soundsystem!

Some of the current & past (larger) clients: Uxmal Records, Timewarp Records, Neogoa Records, PsiloCybian, various metal and rock bands…

Requirements are: 24bit/44kHz (at least) WAV or AIFF file, with no effects on master channel whatsoever and with at least 3dB of headroom.

For a list of mastered releases (about 80% of them), just go to this link. :)


Solo projects
Perfect Blind – downtempo, ambient, trance, freestyle…
Deimos – psytrance, psybreaks, techno

Dual Barrel – psytrance/downtempo project with PsiloCybian
DISTANCE – synthwave, industrial and more metal with Jay Kay of Subscale.

Subscale – groove/progressive/djent…
Substance Black – industrial/modern metal, defunct