New releases, gigs, etc…

Lots of things happening!
First of all, Substance Black debut album “Sui Generis” is all but complete. You can listen and download (for free) promotional single here.
Subscale is starting with gigs – May in Zagreb, June in Zadar and so on… More to be confirmed!
Next, I reactivated my chillout project a bit, first track is already signed to Uxmal Records’ new VA “When Melancholy Speaks 2” by Lemonchill.
With Dual Barrel, there are also news: our track “Falling Inwards” has been released on Supercozi’s VA “Mutantribe” on the mighty Iboga! You can check it here.
Apart from that, a chillout track with PsiloCybian (as Dual Barrel) will find its place on his new album!
And lastly, Deimos has also gigs planed for this seaseon, and some new tracks are cooking also… It’ll be fun! :)