Perfect Blind

Perfect Blind is a downtempo/ambient project of Igor Čeranić, producer from Zagreb, Croatia. Being interested in music since childhood, in 2003 year he began to write and produce his own material under the influence of musicians and bands like Delerium, Juno Reactor, Jean Michel Jarre, Carbon Based Lifeforms, Vangelis, etc.

Since 2006 he released five full albums, two compilations, several EP’s and a cover album. As a mastering engineer, over the last decade he mastered over a hunded of various electronic, rock and metal releases.

In addition to chillout music, he’s producing under Deimos alias psytrance and techno music. In 2009 he formed with PsiloCybian psychedelic project Dual Barrel. He was also involved in an industrial metal band Substance Black and groove metal band Subscale (electronics & keys). Bands have disbanded, but
with bandmate Jay Kay he formed synthwave-metal project DISTANCE.