Dual Barrel

Dual Barrel is a psychedelic & eclectic collaboration between Igor “Deimos” Čeranić and Saša “PsiloCybian” Dukić, formed in late 2009. Their first array of tracks included progressive & fullon tracks, often with a touch of goa-influenced melodies and deep atmospheres.
After they digitally released some of the tracks, and with more CD releases on the way, in winter of 2010 they began working on their first conceptual album. Moving away a little from their initial style, the album can be characterised as “psychedelic trance blues from outer space”, combining a lot of live recorded instruments – acoustic & electronic guitar, bass, mouth organ, jew harp and rainstick, to name a few. The album should see the light of day in the first half od 2015, and sneak previews can be heard on our SoundCloud.

In the meantime, they released several more chillout and trance tracks, most notable the release of “Falling Inwards” on VA – Mutantribe (Iboga Records).