Here is the list of all the music projects I’m currently involved in…

Solo projects

Deimos (psytrance, techno) & Perfect Blind (downtempo, chillout) are my solo projects, established back in
2003, cca. I wanted to launch my third solo project, Modus Operandi (dark ambient, noise), but couldn’t
find the time for it, so it’s currently on hold and not listed here.


My currently only collab project is Dual Barrel, a psytrance/downtempo project with my mate PsiloCybian, formed in 2009.

and Substance Black, an industrial metal band where I play keys and produce all the electronics & samples.


At last, there are bands I’m officially a member of. Those are currently Substance Black, an industrial metal band from Dugo Selo / Zagreb and Subscale, a progressive/djent metal band from Zagreb.

If you’re interested in a collaboration (me producing electronic background for your band), contact me!