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  1. Hi There,

    I’m reaching out to you because I’d like to see if there’s an opportunity for me to help you with your website. I am a web developer that can give you all of the modern features that a website should have, as well as a modern look and feel. Newer websites integrate with your business processes and make it easier to run your company and easier to get new clients. Modern websites have the ability to do just about anything you can imagine and there are usually pre-built modules for anything you want to do, just like Apps in the App Store on your phone (“There’s an App for that”).

    I work with most of the major programming languages, website platforms, and shopping carts, but I specialize in one platform that is truly incredible called WordPress. Building your site on that platform gives you an incredible amount of features and allows you to personally make changes to your site in a really easy manner.

    I would love to hear your ideas for the site and provide you with a few of my own as well. Would you be up for that? No pressure. If this is a good fit, then great, but if not, I totally understand. Please just let me know if you’re interested and we can take it from there.

    Thank You,
    Ed Frez – Web Design Specialist

  2. Hello,

    I am a professional web designer and I am reaching out to you because I want to know if you’re interested in giving your website a new modern look or have some features added in. I am skilled in many areas of design and development, but my greatest area of expertise is with a website platform called “wordpress,” which is a platform that provides you with the ability to build a million dollar site for next to nothing. My rates are very affordable and I focus on providing amazing quality at great prices.

    If you’re interested in making your site into something that you’re really proud of, then please let me know and I can setup a time for us to chat.
    I will look forward to speaking with you.

    Ed Frez | Web Development Specialist

  3. Hello,

    Have you ever thought of redesigning or upgrading your website to attract more clients? I am a freelance web designer/developer who delivers excellent results at a cheap cost, and I am seeking new projects with companies who are open to trying new ideas. If you’re interested, I’d like to tell you more about how my skills can help your website look amazing and be business efficient in a free consultation via the phone.

    I can share with you my expert design ideas so you’ll know what looks and features best suit your business website. I’d also like to know your ideas as well if you have any. Please reply to inform me about when you’d prefer to have the consultation, and I’ll give you a call. I look forward to us talking soon!

    Chad Mason

  4. Business websites nowadays can help to businesses grow by attracting more potential and returning clients and also engaging them to do business transactions online (thus generating more sales). While there’s no doubt that the aesthetics and professionalism of your website’s design both need to be excellent, its user-friendliness (or lack thereof) will manifest to be the determining factor if a visitor will choose to avail of your products or services. Is your website one of your best marketing tools or has it always just been just a website where people can browse on your products/services and find your contact details? I can change that for you.

    If you’re interested, I can send you my portfolio of work ready to be viewed so you’d be more familiar with how I can help you. You wouldn’t have to worry about my rates since they’re affordable even for small businesses.

    If you have some free time in the next few days, I’ll provide you a free consultation to share some expert design ideas and to know about your ideas a well if you have any. Please write back to me about when’s the best time to give you a call. I hope to speak with you soon.

    Raquel Short

  5. Hi!

    People browsing on the internet have such short attention spans, and they’ll quickly leave a website that doesn’t catch their attention. That’s where effective web design comes in to help. As a freelance creative web developer for more than a decade now, I am able to tell when a site has an opportunity to become better, and that’s why I sent you this email. I’d like to help you in making your website more functional and sales efficient.

    I’ve compiled a portfolio of my past work ready to be viewed, and if you’d like, I will send them right away. My services are relatively cheap even for the smallest businesses. I’ll also give you a free consultation over the phone, so I can share with you some expert design advice and my ideas about what best suits the business you do. If you would like to know more information about my services, please do not hesitate to reply about when’s the most convenient time to call. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Bruce Hughes

  6. Hello!

    I’ve got some ideas that I’d love you share with you after taking a look at your site. It has the necessary elements that make it function and look good but I want to help you out in making it become more suited to address your business concerns and achieve your goals.

    I’m a freelance web designer/developer and I’ve seen websites like yours that can actually do better with just a simple (yet beautiful) design upgrade. Adding new features (e.g. shopping carts, blogs, apps, and others) is also something that I’m proficient with.

    You definitely won’t be disappointed as my rates are very affordable at any budget. If you’re interested, I can give you a call a time that’s most convenient for you. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Barry Rice

    If you’d like to be excluded from any of these emails, please just email me back with the word “stop” in the subject line and I will remove you from my list.

  7. Hi!

    I’m a web designer/developer working from home, and I was wondering if you’ve been considering to give your website a new and upgraded look so it can appeal to more clients. I’ve been freelancing as a web designer for several years now and I can assure you that my works are of high quality despite being affordable.

    I’ll go ahead and send my comprehensive portfolio if you’d like to view them. If there are some features that you’re thinking of adding to your website, I can help you implement them for a price that even small businesses can afford. Please tell me whom I need to contact and when I can best reach them. I look forward to working on your website. I look forward to speaking with you soon.

    Charlene Walters || Web Designer/Developer Freelancer

  8. Hello,

    Would you be interested in making upgrades to your website or maybe giving it a more cutting edge look and feel? How about integrating some additional features to the site that automate some of your business processes? If so, I can help you reach your goals and I’d really like to speak with you.

    Would you be available in the next few days for a free consultation over the phone? I’ll provide you with some suggestions of various design strategies I’ve accomplished that have made a big impact on my clients’ sales. I’d love to help you out. I look forward to hearing back from you. I hope to speak with you soon!

    Best Regards,
    Amanda Miller

  9. Hello!

    The user-interface of a website greatly affects how successful a business website can be. I’m a freelance web designer looking for clients who take opportunities like these in the hopes to make their business grow. I chose you since I see incredible potential. There’s good opportunity with making some upgrades and redesigning your website. Think about this as a renovation for your online content. Don’t worry about the cost since I cater to mostly small businesses.

    I’m quite certain you’ve got questions for me as well. I’ll be delighted to answer them. Once we’ve set up a schedule, we can proceed with a free consultation over the phone so I can share some ideas that I have and how I can make it possible for you. I’ll also show you a portfolio of my best work from my eight years of experience as a web developer. Will you be free in the next few days to discuss this matter? Kindly let me know so we can schedule a call. I look forward to hearing back from you.

    Pettry Gaylor
    Web Designer

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