A busy year…

So, once again it has been over a year since I posted anything as a news here. Well, with all the social networks, who can blame me? :P Anyway, it has been a busy year and fruits of it are coming to show now.

First, several months ago I decided to compile my best old work with Perfect Blind on a free compilation I released on my bandcamp – Archives 2003-2008. It got quite a few hits thus far, and this is actually the first time these tracks are available in WAV format for download. Then there’s my new album “Wanderers” that also got published via Ektoplazm, and there are also a limited hard copies printed in a nice DIGIPAK on my Bandcamp – still some left! And finally there’s my latest track on Neogoa’s Svemirski Hod VA. New album is well under way also!

This year PsiloCybian and me are determined to finish and publish that Dual Barrel album! Till then, i collaborated with him on his two latest albums here and here.

Lastly, my band Subscale is just about to release sophomore album “Devolution”. First two singles are out on youtube and you can listen to them here. Cheers!