New Perfect Blind album, CD and bonus EP

2 new Perfect Blind releases this year, very happy about them!

PERFECT BLIND – Stratum [BMSS Records] has been released on 04/09/2017!

Get it here:
Digital 16bit on BMSS bandcamp
Digital 24bit on BMSS bandcamp
Bonus EP + album CD on Perfect Blind bandcamp

Stratum is Perfect Blinds most nuanced album to date. Ten soundscapes worthy of epic science fiction or futurist fantasy. Clearly destined for the slowly expanding alternative electronic section on BMSS, these intelligent ambient tunes steer clear of boundaries and limits. Prepare to go beyond the familiar.
Ethereal orchestral synths underscore his stirring cinematic interpretations. Deep, convincing beats and esoteric textures combine to create space like vistas. Even as the music gains speed it never loses its intensity or cinematic feel.
You may find yourself on the edge of Tribal step or at the border of slower Techno with this exploration into the aesthetics of mechanical sound. You will be drawn into the newly formed solar system of Stratum where you will undoubtedly ponder upon the relationship between ourselves and the stars.

01. Stratum IX
02. Manifest Destiny
03. Ancient Machinery
04. Last Torch of a Dying Star
05. Burning Mass (feat. Jay Kay)
06. Foreseen Consequences
07. Escape Velocity
08. The Expanse (Spaced Out)
09. Abyssentient
10. The Long Silent

Playing time: 78:03

PERFECT BLIND – Stratum Bonus EP [+ album CD] has been released on 16/09/2017!
Get it on Bandcamp

The bonus EP that follows the release of Perfect Blind’s new album “Stratum” contains 2 brand new tracks, a remix of the track from the album, plus 2 album tracks in their original (unmixed) length. All in 24bit quality!
Along with it, there are lots of goodies avalable:

1. get a limited CD of the album Stratum, with 4-page booklet and beautiful artwork;
2. bundle it with my last album Wanderers, if you don’t have it already (and get its 2 bonus tracks as well);
3. bundle it even more with the addition of my Deimos CD (few copies left);
4. get 1 of 10 original 15x15cm oil painted canvases for cover artwork (each as a separate item) + Stratum CD and bonus EP.
5. …or just get the digital album – 5-track EP
All that bought a digital version of the album from BMSS, let me know to receive a 50% discount code for bonus EP+Stratum CD, or 30% for EP+CD+canvas

01. The Expanse (Ground Mix)
02. Escape Velocity (Full Mix)
03. Ancient Machinery (Full Mix)
04. Dej Mi (Bonus track)
05. Exxodus (Bonus track)

Playing time: 42:56

A busy year…

So, once again it has been over a year since I posted anything as a news here. Well, with all the social networks, who can blame me? :P Anyway, it has been a busy year and fruits of it are coming to show now.

First, several months ago I decided to compile my best old work with Perfect Blind on a free compilation I released on my bandcamp – Archives 2003-2008. It got quite a few hits thus far, and this is actually the first time these tracks are available in WAV format for download. Then there’s my new album “Wanderers” that also got published via Ektoplazm, and there are also a limited hard copies printed in a nice DIGIPAK on my Bandcamp – still some left! And finally there’s my latest track on Neogoa’s Svemirski Hod VA. New album is well under way also!

This year PsiloCybian and me are determined to finish and publish that Dual Barrel album! Till then, i collaborated with him on his two latest albums here and here.

Lastly, my band Subscale is just about to release sophomore album “Devolution”. First two singles are out on youtube and you can listen to them here. Cheers!


Didn’t really add any news since summer of 2013… And now is end of 2014. :)
First of all – updated releases section. Currently working on finishing Dual Barrel album, preparing for a new Perfect Blind album, did/doing some deimos remixes/collabs and waiting for bandmates to do another album.
Meanwhile, added some more current stuff to the mastering section, that list really grew in the last year… Trying to keep track of it on discogs, but still, don’t think that’s even 80% of the masters, really.
Anyway, hopefully will find more time for music in the next year!

Summer news

Subscale’s first, promotional tour is over with 5 concerts played across Croatia, and already we have some dates for the fall!
Furthermore, Perfect Blind has it’s first CD release on a VA, check it under releases section. Some Deimos and Dual Barrel tracks also got released.

This week, there are currently 1 Deimos, 1 Perfect Blind and 1 Dual Barrel track on various releases on Psyshop’s TOP 20 Chart, as well as 1 VA mastered by Deimos Soundlabs. Cool, eh? :)

Also, site got a bit updated on bio section…

New releases, gigs, etc…

Lots of things happening!
First of all, Substance Black debut album “Sui Generis” is all but complete. You can listen and download (for free) promotional single here.
Subscale is starting with gigs – May in Zagreb, June in Zadar and so on… More to be confirmed!
Next, I reactivated my chillout project a bit, first track is already signed to Uxmal Records’ new VA “When Melancholy Speaks 2” by Lemonchill.
With Dual Barrel, there are also news: our track “Falling Inwards” has been released on Supercozi’s VA “Mutantribe” on the mighty Iboga! You can check it here.
Apart from that, a chillout track with PsiloCybian (as Dual Barrel) will find its place on his new album!
And lastly, Deimos has also gigs planed for this seaseon, and some new tracks are cooking also… It’ll be fun! :)

Subscale debut album released!

Subscale’s debut album “The Last Submisson” is out on Geenger Records!
You can preview, download or buy it here:


End of summer news!

Summer is ending and there are lots of news :)

First of all, a superb chillout compilation i recently mastered, compiled by Suduaya, is coming soon on Uxmal Rec. Check it out! :)
Secondly, Future Nature festival was great, and now I’m preparing for Momento Demento chill live, in a few days. :)
Unfortunately, my Deimos album was delayed again, so I’m hoping it will be anounced this September and come out in October. Fingers crossed!
Next, Subscale released it’s first EP as an intro for full lenght album. You can check it out and download here!
And an awesome news for the end, Sasa and I (as Dual Barrel) signed a downtempo track for Supercozi’s new VA on IBOGA Records. That’s right, awsum! :)